Plymouth has an amazing combination of assets, including beaches and forests, a bustling downtown, two brand new high schools, walkable neighborhoods, friendly & diverse citizens, and so much more.  

As a Town Meeting member, I will work to protect these features that make our town so special, while ensuring we continue to grow in a responsible and sustainable manner.



Control Spending

  • Ensure the town is using its resources efficiently to improve the quality of life for residents.
  • Find sources of revenue other than just property taxes.


Roads & infrastructure

  • Although they are not the most exciting topics, these are imperative for making Plymouth an attractive place to live and do business.


education & public safety

  • Make sure children of all abilities and backgrounds are provided the highest quality education.
  • Provide the Police and Fire Department the tools and resources they need to keep us safe, while maintaining a positive working relationship with the community.


responsibly decommission pilgrim nuclear plant

  • As Pilgrim winds towards closure in 2019, we must be vigilant over its remaining days, including all day-to-day operational concerns, and the safe storage of spent fuel.

  • The land which is currently owned by Entergy presents an opportunity for the town to find alternative sources of revenue through strategic development and creative land use - this planning must start now.


parks, green space, beaches & water

  • Continue our commitment to green space and conservation land that can be enjoyed by Plymouth residents and visitors from across the state, nation and world.

  • Protect the single source aquifer that provides clean drinking water for the whole town.


economic development

  • We must proactively engage with the public and private sectors to build a strong economy that provides steady, well-paying jobs across a variety of industries.


inclusive & diverse community

  • Residents of all backgrounds should be welcomed, respected and valued in our town.